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                                             Minutes of Regular Meeting


                                                       April 11, 2018


PRESENT:  Commissioners Murray, Daly, Weitz and Chairman Woehrle


 Also Present: Chief Lingenfelter, Treasurer Splendido, Secretary Versocki, Attorney Hayner

 Lt. Griffiths, GBFC President Moskowitz, FF/P Seiden, FF Dietrich and David Pacheco.


The Meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Woehrle.


Commissioner Murray attended via video link at address:

11993 Heatherwood Court Naples, Florida 34120


Commissioner Nappi was absent and excused.



Motion/ Daly, 2nd / Weitz: To approve the March 14, 2018 monthly meeting minutes as read. Passed 4-0.




·         A notice from Pinsky Law Group offering a class for Emergency Service Entities entitled Financial Record Keeping.

·         The spring 2018 Employer Forum from The NYS Comptroller’s Office.

·         A letter from Lt. Sweet requesting sick leave until May 5, 2018 at which time he will return to full duty pending doctor’s approval.

·         A letter from the Grand Blvd. Fire Company stating that they received notice that the following member has resigned: Jonathan Warczak of 12 Gloria Lane Niskayuna, NY 12309. Please remove Mr. Warczak’s name from the Fire District rolls.

·         A letter from The Grand Blvd. Fire stating at their monthly meeting they voted to accept Peter Fobare of 2025 Hoover Rd. Niskayuna, NY 12309 as a probationary firefighter member. They ask that the board vote to accept Mr. Fobare as a member.




BILLS: Commissioner Woehrle stated that he has reviewed all the bills.


Motion/ Daly, 2nd / Weitz: To pay bills for corresponding check #’s 16187 – 16232 From

 March 15, 2018 thru April14, 2018 totaling $117,594.31 as reviewed. Passed 4-0.




Treasurer Splendido Reported:

·         The reserve accounts as of the end of March were reviewed.

·         The comparison sheets for March 2018 vs.2017 were reviewed.

·         Budget versus actual expenses through March 2018 were reviewed. We are 25% thru the year and have spent 29% of the budget due to certain bills due in the first part of the year, overall we are on target.

·         The auditors have all Fire District No.1 financial statement and are moving forward with the audit.






FINANCE:  No Report.


INSURANCE:  No Report.






Chief Lingenfelter Reported:

·         Repairs to U-421 have been completed.  It has been scheduled to return to SVU for completion of the up-fitting equipment installations on April 18th.  

·         Ambulance A-942 had brake repairs completed.

·         Truck 405 is scheduled for annual ladder testing on April 30th.  All ground ladders on apparatus will also be tested.




Chief Lingenfelter Reported:

·         New England Systems and Software initiated on-boarding of our computer systems on Tuesday, February 13, 2018. So far, there has been a rapid response from them on issues presented.




Chief Lingenfelter Reported:

·         During the last preventive maintenance visit for our Lifepak12 cardiac monitors, we were advised that parts are no longer being produced for the units and their ability to repair issues may be compromised going forward.  Attempts to obtain grant funding for their replacement have not been successful.  Our Auto pulse CPR devices are also outdated and two of the three are currently out of service as a result.  I am requesting that the board initiate a permissive referendum for the replacement purchase of three cardiac monitors and three mechanical CPR devices in the amount of $170,000 from the Fire District’s equipment reserve account.  This expenditure has been anticipated during our Fire District budgeting process.






Commissioner Woehrle Reported:

·         Lloyd Hale has completed the records room shelving.  I will be meeting with Secretary Versocki & Treasurer Splendido to organize the records.

·         The stockade style fencing at the rear of the Balltown Rd. station is falling down and I am recommending replacement. I obtained (3) quotes with the lowest being from AFCO at $16,770.00.

The dimensions are 528 linear feet of (6) six foot high privacy vinyl fencing. The funds are to come from the building reserve account; therefore a permissive referendum is required.

·         I contacted Jordan from Integra-LED since we had not heard about installation of LED lighting for both stations. The holdup was from National Grid for which Jordan apologized and the date to begin changing the lighting will occur on April 25, 2018. The good news is the cost has come down from the original projection. The Balltown Rd. station project was originally $14,646 and now is $12,985

And the River Rd. project was originally $9,445 and is now $8,949.


Chief Lingenfelter Reported:

·         The ambulance bay overhead door opener unit at the Balltown Road station is being repaired for an intermittent issue.

·         I am requesting board authorization to conduct a Red Cross blood drive on Thursday, June 28th from noon until 8:00pm.






Commissioner Daly Reported:

·         FF/P Seiden will address the commissioners about uniform badges. FF/P Seiden told the commissioners that standardizing the uniforms will include changing the badges so they are the same for the career and volunteer divisions. The badge emblems would be a Maltese cross with blue background. After researching I have a price for 40 badges for the chest and hats as well as collar brass at a cost of $4,512.80. The turnaround time would be 4 weeks.

Commissioner Daly recommended this be added to the 2019 budget.






Commissioner Woehrle Reported:

·         The Installation dinner for 2019 has been booked at The Lighthouse Restaurant, “At Rivers Edge” for January 26, 2019.




Chief Lingenfelter Reported:

  • Request from Lt. Sweet for extension of his illness leave as a result of surgery to correct an off duty injury.  He has provided an updated note from his doctor.

·                     On April 10th NFD 1 responded to a structure fire at 1346 Van Antwerp Road.  First in crew did an outstanding job of containing the fire to the room of origin.  NFD 1 response included 9 career and 5 volunteer members.  We were assisted by two SFD units, 2 NFD 2 units, the county coordinators and investigators, and SHFD stood by for town coverage.  No injuries were sustained. 

·                     An Anti-Gun protest is expected to be held on April 20th, 10AM at Town Hall with an unknown number of participants to include students from NHS.  We are coordinating response planning with the Niskayuna PD.

·                     Coverage details are being planned for the upcoming events which include:

·                     Cherry Blossom Run – 4/29

·                     Peddle, Paddle, Run – 5/12

·                     Niska-day – 5/19

·                     2018 year to date incident participation report is attached.  Approximately 15% of the incidents had no volunteer response.

  • Department Activity                          2018                          2017

                        March Incidents                   220                             140

                        EMS               148                               91

                        Fire/Other         72                                49 

            Total YTD                  564                               477   (3/31)

Other Activities:

            Emergency Callback                                        14   Staff Hours

                                  Department Training                            159  Staff Hours



Report of the Niskayuna Permanent Fireman’s Association: No Report.


Report of the Grand Boulevard Fire Company: No Report.






Motion/ Weitz, Second/ Daly: To purchase (3) cardiac monitors and (3) chest compression units at a cost not to exceed $170,000.00 with funds to be utilized from The Equipment Reserve Account. Passed 4-0.


Motion/ Weitz, Second/ Daly: To have The District Secretary submit a permissive referendum to The Gazette Legal’s to authorize The Fire District to spend up to $170,000.00 from The Equipment Reserve Account. Passed 4-0.


Motion/ Daly, Second/ Weitz: To replace the rear fence at the Balltown Rd. station at a cost not to exceed $17,000.00 with funds to be utilized from The Building Reserve Account. Passed 4-0.


Motion/ Daly, Second/ Weitz: To have The District Secretary submit a permissive referendum to The Gazette Legal’s to authorize The Fire District to spend up to $17,000.00 from The Building Reserve Account. Passed 4-0.

 Motion/ Daly, Second/ Weitz: To grant Lt. Sweet medical leave for an off-duty injury until May 9, 2018. Passed 4-0.


Motion/ Daly, Second/ Weitz: To remove Mr. Jonathan Warczak’s name from The Fire District Rolls.

Passed 4-0.


Motion/ Daly, Second/ Weitz: To add Peter Fobare to the Fire District Rolls as a GBFC Probationary firefighter. Passed 4-0.


Motion/ Daly, Second/ Weitz: To purchase 10 new Professional 15000 Series office chairs for the console room and officer duty office at a cost of $199.99 each for a total cost of $1,999.99. Passed 4-0.


Commissioner Woehrle discussed a draft of the Social Media & Computer Policy. In the opinion of

 Lt. Griffiths, the original version was too restrictive but a newer version seemed better.

Chief Lingenfelter recommended meeting with the officers and review before any approval.

 Motion/ Daly, Second/ Murray: To adjourn the meeting at 7:45 p.m. Passed 4-0.

 The next Regular Meeting will be held on Wednesday May 9, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.

 Respectfully submitted,

William J. Versocki

   Fire District No. 1 Secretary













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