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                                             Minutes of Regular Meeting

                                                     August 9, 2017


PRESENT:  Commissioners Murray, Nappi, Weitz, Daly and Chairman Woehrle

 Also Present: Chief Lingenfelter, Chief Dietrich, Chief Luft, Secretary Versocki, Attorney Hayner, Capt. Congdon, Lt. Sweet, Lt. Griffiths, FF/P Wessels, David Pacheco and Katrina Pacheco.

 The Meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Woehrle.

 Motion/ Daly, 2nd / Weitz: To approve the July 12, 2017 monthly meeting minutes as read.

Passed 5-0.



 BILLS: Commissioner Woehrle stated that he has reviewed all the bills.


Motion/ Murray, 2nd/ Daly2: To pay bills for corresponding check #’s 15816 – 15853 From

 July 13, 2017 thru August 9, 2017 totaling $69,435.29 as reviewed. Passed 5-0.


 Commissioner Murray Reported:

·         The reserve accounts as of the end of July were reviewed.

·         The comparison sheets for July 2017 vs.2016 were reviewed.

·         Budget versus actual expenses through July 2017 were reviewed. We are 58% thru the year and have spent 54% of the budget.




 Commissioner Murray Reported:

·         Treasurer Splendido and Chief Lingenfelter have begun a spreadsheet for the 2018 budget.

·         The full board should meet in September to review budget information and get a better idea for the 2018 budget.

·         The board members agreed on a budget meeting to be held September 25, 2017 at 7 pm.

 INSURANCE:  It was reported that old E-401 was removed from the insurance policy.



Chief Lingenfelter Reported:

·         The sale of our 1997 Saulsbury engine 401 and Hurst tool equipment to the city of Amsterdam was completed.  Insurance coverage has been removed from the engine.

·         Pump tests were completed on Truck 405 and Engine 401.  Engine 402 had a primer malfunction which has since been repaired.  Will be re-scheduling test.

·         Annual testing of self-contained breathing apparatus was completed on  August 7th and 8th.


 EMS & EQUIPMENT:  No Report.

 HEALTH & FITNESS:  No Report.


 Commissioner Woehrle Reported:

·         The Facilities committee will sit with Chief Lingenfelter to update what has/has not been accomplished from the inspection of each station.

 Commissioner Nappi Reported:

·         There appears to be a leak in the GBFC storage room where the freezer was. Chief Lingenfelter will investigate.

 Commissioner Daly Reported:

·         The side door at The River Road station has a noticeable gap in it. Chief Lingenfelter will investigate.

 Chief Lingenfelter Reported:

·         Hobson alarms have re-programed the fire alarm dialer at River Road station and the medical dialer at Balltown Road station.  The two extra phone lines will be dedicated to the fire alarm at River Road.

 ELECTIONS: No Report.



 Commissioner Weitz Reported:

·         The LOSAP trustee transition will begin within the next month or so with a meeting between outgoing trustee Louis Solano and incoming trustee Robert Kordrupel.






Chief Lingenfelter Reported:

·         Both candidates for the firefighter/paramedic position completed the CPAT pre-qualification on July 18th.  We have received the certified list as well as approval for transfer from Civil Service for the candidate not on the certified list.  A recommendation has been reached by the selection committee.  Request executive session to discuss the recommendation with the board.   An appointment date effective September 5, 2017 is recommended.

·         Personnel attended the wake and funeral for retired fire coordinator John A. Nuzback Sr.  His passing will leave a long legacy of service to the emergency responders of our department, the county, and the state.

·         July 2017 YTD incident participation report is attached.  Approximately 12% of the incidents year to date had no volunteer response.

·         Two incidents of note where NFD 1 personnel performed extremely well and should be commended. 

·         Personnel responded to a structure fire at 608 Connor Court, an eight unit apartment building, with a report of two occupants possibly trapped.  The fire originated in the kitchen and was contained to the kitchen with smoke damage throughout the apartment.  The occupants jumped from the 2nd floor balcony prior to our arrival.  SFD responded with a truck company and an engine company and NFD 2 responded with an engine.  NFD 1 responded with the 5 on duty personnel, 5 off duty personnel, and 3 volunteers. No injuries were sustained.

·         Personnel responded to a near drowning incident at a single family residence in the town resulting in a cardiac arrest.  The rapid response and care was successful in restoring a pulse and blood pressure despite a very challenging scene and situation. 

·         I am requesting authorization for Captain Vena and Lt. Griffiths to attend the NYS Fire Marshalls Association Educational Conference in Syracuse, September 5th thru 8th. Total cost for meals and lodging of $1586 and 48 hours of overtime.  Conference will provide each officer 24 hours of required annual code enforcement training.

·         I am requesting authorization for myself and Commissioner Woehrle to attend the AFDSNY leadership summit in Saratoga on October 12th, 2017 at a cost of $250 total for both registrations.


Chief Dietrich Reported:

·         Thank you for the approval of a new firefighter/paramedic.

·         Volunteer response continues to be an issue.

·         The call turnaround at Ellis Emergency Room is getting worse, not better.


Chief Luft Reported:

·         Each Fire Department member can access and monitor his/her LOSAP credits through Target Solutions.

Department Activity                          2017                          2016

                July Incidents                   186                             188                

   EMS                        125                             121

 Fire/Other                   61                                 67 

 Total Incidents       1197                            1172  (7/31 YTD)


Other Activities:

            Emergency Callback                                        20   Staff Hours

            Department Training (June 2017)                           220  Staff Hours   


Report of the Niskayuna Permanent Fireman’s Association: Lt. Griffiths stated that The PFA is working to update the contract language to add 2 P/FF to 12 hour shifts.


Report of the Grand Boulevard Fire Company: Chief Luft reported that The Fire Company is planning on having their annual fund drive in the months of September and October and would like permission from The Board.






Motion/ Nappi, Second/ Weitz: To authorize the GBFC to hold their fund drive during the months of September and October 2017. Passed 5-0.


Motion/ Daly, Second/ Nappi: To authorize Captain Vena and Lt. Griffiths to attend the NYS Fire Marshalls Association Educational Conference in Syracuse, September 5th thru 8th. Total cost for meals and lodging of $1586 and 48 hours of overtime. Passed 5-0.


 Motion/ Daly, Second/ Nappi: To authorize Chief Lingenfelter and Commissioner Woehrle to attend the AFDSNY leadership summit in Saratoga on October 12th, 2017 at a cost of $250 total for both registrations. Passed 5-0.


Motion/ Murray, Second/ Nappi: To accept the appendix to The NPFA contract. Passed 5-0.


Motion/ Murray, Second/ Daly: To approve the new fuel pumps easement pending Attorney’s approval. Passed 5-0.


Commissioner Woehrle reported that the Hazing policy has been drafted and have been given to

Chief Lingenfelter and Attorney Hayner for review.


Motion/ Daly, Second/ Nappi: To adjourn the meeting to executive session at 7:27 p.m.

Passed 5-0.

Motion/ Weitz, Second/ Nappi: To return the meeting to regular session at 7:45 p.m. Passed 5-0.


Motion/ Daly, Second/ Nappi: To hire Kevan L. Seiden Jr. as Firefighter/Paramedic for Niskayuna Fire District No. 1.


The Secretary Called The Roll:


Commissioner Murray – Yes


Commissioner Nappi – Yes


Commissioner Daly – Yes


Commissioner Weitz – Yes


Commissioner Woehrle – Yes]


The MOTION Carries 5-0.

 Motion/ Nappi, Second/ Daly: To adjourn the meeting at 7:46 p.m. Passed 5-0.


The next Regular Meeting will be held on Wednesday September 13, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

William J. Versocki

   Fire District No. 1 Secretary












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